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One of the leading manufacturers of cutting tools

We are based in Germany, and manufacture and sell high-quality cutting tools for EMEA. Our production facilities are located in southern Germany and the Czech Republic. We also have the European Design & Engineering Center, to present theory-based training and practical machinery presentations. The latest technologies enable demonstrations of tools and systems in action. We consistently strive to be a company that is able to respond rapidly to changes in our customers’ business environment.


AC8000P Coated Carbide Grades for steel turning

  • Special surface treatment provides excellent chipping resistance and improved welding resistance
  • Improved the coating strength and hardness by refined crystal growth control and crystal structure
  • Enhanced adhesion strength by smoothing the interface between the coating and carbide substrate

BNC2115/2125 Coated CBN Grades for hardened steel turning

  • Coating with top-notch wear resistance and tough CBN substrate provides excellent surface roughness
  • The coating combined wear resistance and toughness to achieve high precision and stable processing
  • Long tool life with its roughness and stability even in high-efficiency and interrupted machining

WDX Indexable Insert Drills

  • New balanced design for stable drilling provides excellent hole accuracy
  • Three types of chipbreakers to enhance chip control and lower cutting forces
  • New coating technology improves fracture and wear resistance, resulting in longer tool life