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High-performance tools

By technicians for technicians



Cutting-edge innovations with high customer benefits

Six Sigma Tools is your machining expert and it is specialized in sectors such as medical technology, mechanical engineering, mould and tool production, watch industry and energy. The meaning of “SIX SIGMA” originally comes from quality management and defines the methodology to achieve the “zero-defect-production”. SIX SIGMA TOOLS thus stands for uncompromising quality and decisive customer benefit. We achieve this goal especially through target-oriented specialisation, excellent expertise, technology-leading manufacturers and highly motivated employees.


Trochoidal milling cutter RCRCM-IKR

  • For use in steel up to HRC 63, stainless steel and superalloys
  • With radial internal coolant for better tool life, better heat and chip evacuation

CDTMLM Circular drill thread milling cutter

  • For use without pre-drill in steel up to HRC 63, stainless steel, cast iron and superalloys
  • Circular thread milling cutter up to 2.5xD thread depth

Diamond high performance milling cutter CVD-T

  • For efficient milling of carbide and ceramic materials
  • Up to 15 cutting edges
  • CVD diamond with very high purity and hardness