Mitsubishi Materials DIAEDGE

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Metalworking Solutions Company

Mitsubishi Materials is a leading Japanese company, specialising amongst others, in the production of cutting materials, coatings and precision tools for the metal working industry. The business area “Metalworking Solutions” operates Head Offices in Europe, India, Brazil, China, USA, Japan and Thailand, a modern Research and Development Centre in Japan and several production facilities throughout the world. The European Headquarters has been delivering for over the last 37 years precision tools and integrated cutting tool solutions for the automotive, aerospace and medical as well as the general machine building and mold & die industries.


WSX Indexable Insert Cutter

  • Double-Z-geometry
  • Low cutting and high wear resistance for reliability and efficient chip evacuation
  • Double sided Z-geometry inserts feature sharp cutting edges for low cutting resistance by combining the features of both positive and negative rake inserts

MVS solid carbide drill

  • Straight cutting edge for enhanced cutting edge strength and helps to break chips for improved chip evacuation
  • New flute geometry for improved chip evacuation
  • Double margin provides high precision and balanced cutting

Alimaster solid carbide end mill

  • DLC: A uniquely developed DLC coating provides excellent welding resistance during high speed machining and provides reliability if the coolant supply is reduced. Additionally, the low coefficient of friction reduces cutting resistance
  • Ideal Flute Geometry: The cross sectional geometry of the flutes is perfect for efficient chip discharge and prevents chip jamming commonly associated with high feed machining of aluminium
  • Irregular helix and polished flutes: Irregular geometry suppresses chatter to provide excellent component surface finishes. Additionally the polished flute surfaces prevent built up edge